Label removers

• Double cone label remover
• Carbon steel made
• Welded supporting structure
• Easy regulation by frequency inverter
• Double output cyclone and rotary valve (optional)


PAC-1000 PAC-2000
Length (mm) 785 1230
Width (mm) 580 1150
Height (mm) 2050 2980
Inner ventilator
Motor power (kW) 0.75
Motor power (kW) 1,5 4
Rotary valve
Motor power (kW) 0.75




The Petalus PLR label/dust remover series are specially designed to effectively remove labels, dust and other light elements from the incoming material.

The machine consists in two steel made cones mounted vertically in opposite configuration. The material falls down from one side of the top cone, to the bottom cone by gravity. There is a ventilator installed inside in the union point of the cones, so an air flow is generated towards the top of the top cone, where an aspirator is installed. The light materials are sucked by the aspirator and removed. Meanwhile the rest of the material is collected form the bottom of the bottom cone.