• Open rotor granulator for crushing plastic materials
• Robust durability and ease of service and inspection
• Easy replacement of knives and screen
• Hardened steel rotor.
• Knives fixed by wedges or screws
• Output hopper with screw conveyor
• Frequency inverter for the main motor


PCG-50 PCG-75 PCG-150 PCG-200
Length (mm) 2700 2260 2450 2700
Width (mm) 1320 1700 2100 2350
Height (mm) 2350 2850 3800 4000
Main motor (kW) 37 55 110 150
Rotor width (mm) 900 1000 1000 1200
Rotor ⌀ (mm) 500 550 600 800




The Petalus PCG granulator series are a heavy duty and robust cutting machine for crushing plastic materials into small uniform pieces or flakes, according to the installed screen.

The core of the machine is a hard steel open rotor, mounted with knives, that spun by a high efficiency electric motor, spins at low speed inside a cutting chamber, where stationary knives are mounted. As the plastic materials enter the cutting chamber, the scissor cutting motion cuts them into smaller pieces. The size of the output flakes depends on the hole diameter of the screen that is installed at the bottom of the cutting chamber.

The Petalus PCG is designed to ease the replacement of the knives and the screen. Service and inspection jobs are also simple.

Our granulators are ready to add water during the cutting process. This is recommendable when the input material is very dirty, to make the knives life longer.