• Automatic debaler for breaking compacted bottle bales
• Robust durability and ease of service
• Heavy duty counter-rotary rotating shaft
• High efficiency gear-motors. Fully electronically controlled


PDB-2000 PDB-3000 PDB-3000
Length (mm) 4370 4370 4370
Width (mm) 1520 2200 2880
Height (mm) 2560 2560 2560
Rotor speed (rpm) 1.5-16 1.5-16 1.5-16
Nº of shafts 2 3 4
Total power (kW) 30 45 60
Max. torque (Nm) 10400 10400 10400
Production (min/bale) 5-8 3-7 1-6




The Petalus PDB debaler series are designed to automatically open the compacted bundles of plastic bottles. The bales must be broken into single bottles, so the bottles can be inspected and sorted.
The Petalus PDB series have robust durability, and it’s shafts and all internal parts are made of wear-resistant steel. Once inside the debaler, the counter-rotary movement of the shafts causes the opening of the bales.
The PDB series can open bales up to 1100x1000x1500mm. The debaler can be feeded by means of a belt conveyor or a lifting platform.