Rinsing tanks

• High capacity tank for sorting different kind of plastic materials by flotation
• Suitable for cleaning flakes, and removing detergent and dirt remains
• Stainless steel made
• Compacting screw conveyor for extracting floating elements
• Integrated level sensors
• Automatic water level control


PTF-1000 PTF-2000
Length (mm) 4200 7000
Width (mm) 2000 3500
Height (mm) 2500 2700
Capacity (L) 3500 9500
Tank wall thick (mm) 3 3
Horizontal screw (kW) 0.75 1.1
Vertical screw (kW) 2.20 4




The Petalus PTF series are stainless steel made float tanks that are suitable for sorting small plastic bulk materials by flotation. Once inside the tank, the material is pushed forwards through rotating shovels, and downwards through rotating drums. Plastic materials that float like PE/PP, stay on the water surface, while other that doesn’t float like PET, sink. Material is collected from the bottom of the tank by means of two screw conveyors (one horizontal and one vertical), and the floating material is pushed from the surface out of the tank, and compressed by means of a compacting screw conveyor.

Another application of this machine is rinsing material after a washing stage, to get rid of the detergent and dirt remains.

The Petalus PTF series have an special design so the flowing of the water inside the tank is slow. That makes them provide higher separation ratios.